``Au jardin de Capucine``

This gîte begun to materialize our desire to create a special place where people would enjoy spending time with familly or friends in a quite an beautifull environment.


Born in 1970 in La Rochelle, after he got a chef diploma he worked in prestigious restaurants, since allways the call of the sea was strong and it is in 1993 that he will finally answer it when he did a course to become a skipper.
He sailed on old sailing boats ,luxurious boats, all over the world,making several crossing of the transatlantic.
After the crossing of the atlantic he made in 2000 and his meeting with Isabelle he settled in the town of Granville (in Normandy) , he sailed on the ``Granvillaise``, the``Lys noir``and he embarked on oil rigs in Africa.
In 2019 the gite project carrys out, he puts all his energy and his skills , from the conception to the realization .


Born in Paris in 1964 ,after the hight school diploma and a quick step in the university she worked in the fashion industy, as model, seller, press relations and in the restaurant industry.
After she underwent trainings as a masseur, she worked in ``the Villa thalo`` a luxious institut in Paris.
Because of(or thanks to it depends of the day) an Atlantic crossing on a sailing boat in the 2000 and her meeting with Alexandre she reached Normandy where she worked in her village school .
In 2019 the gîte project got real ,the wellness area was ideal to start a massage business.

A gîte project

This gîte made real our desire to create a place that makes the wold a better place.